Are you a High Achiever who feels stuck?

Transform your well-being and overcome obstacles with an online life coach who knows what it's like to be a High Achiever.

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Meet your coach: Joost Bats, PhD

If you are a High Achiever, know that you have found the life coach who understands your unique path and can truly help you improve your life. Drawing on my own experiences as a fellow High Achiever, and backed by over a decade of advanced mindfulness and psychology training, I know the essentials for you to overcome your obstacles and attain life satisfaction.

Trained life coach
Highly specialized in mindfulness and psychology
Knows the essentials for High Achievers to transform their well-being and unlock fulfillment

My promise

Whether you are dealing with a sense of emptiness, navigating emotional challenges, excelling professionally but stagnating personally, encountering relationship difficulties, experiencing burnout, or confronting self-limiting beliefs, my coaching is designed to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.


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Sil, Amsterdam

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"Joost is a one-of-a-kind life coach. If you consider yourself a High Achiever, Joost is the life coach you've been searching for, as he intimately understands your lifestyle. With his support, I faced some long-buried feelings of not being good enough that I didn't even realize I had. Now, I live a happier life and feel a real sense of peace within myself. I'm honestly amazed at what Joost helped me uncover about myself and how much I've grown because of it."

"I highly recommend Joost's coaching. Joost guided me through a transformative journey. Among the many lessons, I discovered that my desire to work was tied to underlying feelings of anxiety. Under Joost's guidance, I learned to change my relationship with anxiety, bringing me closer to my authentic self."

"I have experienced Joost as an emotionally intelligent life coach who is very specialized in mindfulness. Throughout my life, I struggled with challenging emotions, leading to strained relationships, even with my parents. Joost guided me through the process of understanding and managing these emotions. His life coaching empowered me to navigate difficult feelings, care for myself, and repair relationships."

How I help you as a life coach

As your life coach, I will guide you to: 1) overcome personal obstacles, 2) cultivate positive relationships with yourself and others, and 3) discover profound confidence and happiness, replacing feelings of emptiness. Through practice and experience, your journey will lead to a life of ease and fulfillment.

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Your well-being first

It is time to prioritize your well-being. Your mental and emotional health form the core of your coaching journey. As your life coach, I will use my specialized knowledge of mindfulness and psychology to help you enhance your well-being.